prayer that works

Does prayer work?  I feel a bit irreverent even asking the question. The Bible talks a lot about prayer and says I should “pray without ceasing.” But does it work?  Does prayer really change anything?  When life rolls along with no surprises, no mishaps, no tragedies, it’s easy to be lukewarm.  But what happens when life hits hard and  I am desperate for God to show up?  The casual question about whether prayer works becomes a passionate plea….and I cry out to God,  Teach me how to pray!

I believe that prayer works, or rather, that God works in response to prayer.  But I’ve learned that by following a few simple training tips, my prayers can have more power.  In my new book Sometimes He Whispers, Sometimes He Roars:  Learning to Hear the Voice of God,  I share several stories of my own answers to prayer–you might even call them miracles. But I also walk you through the process of creating a prayer life that works.  I’ve discovered  six practical steps that forever changed my prayers and my life.  You can learn more  about my story  and the six-step prayer method (and register for a free giveaway) in an interview with  Wendy Blight.

The first step I discovered  is to become alert and watchful in prayer.  I’ve learned some  practical and fun ways to stay alert and prayerful throughout my busy days.  My method is so simple that even a child can practice these steps.  Three teenagers came up to me in the grocery store recently,  excited about the prayer method they were learning from my book.  These girls are now teaching the same steps to a group of eight year olds!

Why not take eight weeks and go through the discussion guide in the back of the book with a girlfriend, a teenager, or even your eight year old? God is calling His people to pray for the needs of a hurting and broken world. Daily, I ask myself three questions:  How do I pray? What can I give?  Where should I go?  Ask God those three questions and get ready for the ride of your life!

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