time out for a training tip

Answers to our “big ask,” the prayer that weighs most heavily on our heart, can seem slow in coming. God’s ways are higher than my ways….and usually they are a whole lot messier! Let’s help each other stand strong during our times of waiting. A friend recently referred to me as a “prayer coach.” I hope I can “coach” you to follow hard after Christ, to read His Word daily, to persevere in prayer.

Here are some “training tips” as you work on your Chubby Book Method this week.  And be sure to share your own tips in the comment section!

1. Training Tip: I keep my Chubby Book prayer list open beside me while I fold the laundry.  I pray for each item on the list, pausing to reflect on the Scripture verse on the adjoining page. This practice has made a chore I used to loathe something I actually like, which is a miracle in itself!  Click here to see my Chubby Book page.

2. Training Tip: I took my Chubby Book on my jog this morning and prayed for those on my list. My neighborhood has some steep hills.  While going uphill, I prayed for our friends suffering in hard places like the Nuba Mountains.  In some  small way, this allowed me to feel a solidarity  with their suffering.  Why not pray during your own exercise time? Turn your walk into a “prayer walk.”

I also meditate on my “watchwords.”  As I discussed in Chapter 2, a watchword is a verse or two of Scripture that seems to speak directly to you. I find that the Holy Spirit has a way of illuminating the words from my Bible reading so that they seem written to me.

It doesn’t matter if we walk, run or fold clothes. Our minutes matter to God. And minute-by-minute, our prayers may be leading us to an eventual breakthrough! The point is to pray “without ceasing.”  Take your prayer life out of the closet and into the world.

Keep praying!  See you Monday for Week Three of the 40-Day Challenge.

6 responses to “time out for a training tip

  • kronkster1

    I post my theme verses & 1 prayer at lease daily on Facebook instead of writing them down. This way I don’t forget them & many people can join me

  • marilynnchadwick

    Way to get a “team” of pray-ers to agree with you! Love that…and love the use of Facebook for prayer.

  • Robin P

    I found an app on my iPad that has work wonderfully for organizing my prayers. But, I may still do the chubby book so that I can bring it to some places that I may not want to carry my iPod. I’ve loved this book so far and how it’s helped to make prayer a more focused part of my life. Thank you for doing this challenge.

  • marilynnchadwick

    I have another friend who uses and app. on her iPhone. What is the name of the one you are using? LIke you, I find the Chubby Book can stand up to a lot more wear and tear than my techie items, like on a walk, while washing dishes, etc. Maybe a combination of both? Let me know how it goes. Glad you are enjoying the book!

  • Robin

    The app is called Prayer Notes. I can categorize, move them around, and mark them as answered prayers.

  • marilynnchadwick

    Thanks, again for the tip, Robin!

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