so what or so that?

Now what?  After seeking God intently  during our 40-Day Challenge, I’m filled with expectancy. What comes next?  I wish I could learn how  God has been speaking to you.  I hope you’ve grown more sensitive to His voice. Did you hear Him as a whisper… or a roar?  I wonder if your  heart began to break for the things that break His.

Reflecting on my own experience of the last 40 days…I noticed a couple of breakthroughs in long-standing problems. I also found myself more alert and watchful for signs of God at work. Are you finding that prayer is your first response rather than a last resort?  It takes practice to pray continually, doesn’t it?

But the real urgency I’ve come away with is simply this:  There are others out there who don’t yet know the love of Jesus. They desperately  need to hear God’s voice and receive His message of grace. Can you tell that our world is growing more hopeless by the day?  All you have to do is read the news.

Here are my final thoughts for you (now that you’ve read Chapters 10 and 11):  Continue to listen to God’s voice and do what He tells you to do. You’ve been asking Him who to pray for. Now put feet on your prayers  “God, what would you have me give?”  It could be your time, your talents, or your money, but take a step.

After you pray and  give, He may ask you to “Go!” I sense a roar of God coming here.  Whenever I am pushed out of my comfort zone, God’s nudge is more often like a kick to the behind….I like comfort way too much!

I challenge you to think of three people who don’t know Christ for whom you can pray during the days and weeks ahead.  What about starting your own discussion group with them and going through Sometimes He Whispers….now that you’ve done the study for yourself?  Here’s a secret: I wrote the book with the “seeker” in mind.  Remember, I used to be a skeptic myself, so this is the time to invite those friends that are searching for God.

I discovered during my own prayer journey that my life was either a “so what?” or a “so that!”  If listening to God took me no further than my own little world, then so what? The point of hearing His voice is so that I’ll do His will in a world that so desperately needs Him.  What’s your “so that?”

 Friends, we are in this together.  God has no plan B.  As the body of Christ, we are His hands, His feet, His messengers.  So let’s claim the promise of 2 Corinthians 9:8:  “God is able to make all grace ABOUND to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will ABOUND in every good work.”
Go in His grace.  Stay alert. Guard yourself daily. Stand firm on His promises. Stick together.  Be strong.  And I pray that you will be the ANSWER to someone else’s prayers.  Let the adventure begin!
Prayer: Lord, I confess that in my busyness, I often blow right past that person that needs to know Your love. Slow me down. Give me eyes to see the person that is on Your heart. Show me how to pray, what to give and where to go. I ask you to open the doors in advance and to hand pick the people you want me to reach out to. May they say “yes” to my invitation to be part of a group. And may this be the starting point of their journey toward new life in Your son.  I’m thanking You in advance, Lord.  Amen.

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