Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.  Colossians 4:2

Triggered! It’s what happens when I’m interrupted with a sudden reminder to pray for someone.  I have prayer triggers  which nudge me to pray for friends and family members throughout my busy days.  Prayer triggers take my prayer life “out of the closet” and into the world.

prayer trigger is simply an object that is somehow attached in my mind to the person for whom I am praying.

For example, I adopted the symbol of “bunnies” as my prayer trigger when I was going through a long battle with infertility.  Friends would not only pray for me when they saw bunnies, but they (smile!) began to send all kinds of bunnies to encourage me before we had kids….and then to celebrate after we had our three children.

You get the point!

Other prayer triggers include dolphins to remind me to pray for our competitive-swimmer-son.  Deer (and we have lots roaming through our yard!) nudge me to pray for my husband.  One friend has red cars as her trigger, another, red roses.  Clouds remind me of still another.  One very smart friend adopted “leopard” print as her trigger…as you might imagine, she gets prayed for a lot!

With prayer triggers sprinkled throughout my day,  I find I pray more. And you know what happens when you pray more? You tend to be on the lookout for answers…and with more answers comes more prayer.  The flywheel of prayer starts turning……and I begin to grasp what Paul meant when he said to “pray without ceasing.”

I believe that prayer works, or rather, that God works in response to prayer.  But I’ve learned that by following a few simple training tips, like prayer triggers, I’m more alert and watchful to what God is doing in the world around me.  No more sleepwalking through life.

One very special prayer trigger–a water bottle–reminds me to pray for a group of brave Christians suffering at the hands of a genocidal government half a world away.   Friends, God has need of your prayers like never before.  It’s a broken world out there.  But your prayers can make a difference. How can we not pray?

In the morning, I lay my requests before you and eagerly watch for the answers.  Psalm 5:3.

Question: Would love to hear from you.  What’s your prayer trigger?

4 responses to “triggered!

  • Wendy Blight

    Marilynn, your teaching on prayer triggers has blessed my prayer life so much!! I love that you included the bunny pictures since I have heard you share many times about how friends sent you bunnies during your “wait” time. Thank you for sharing this prayer encouragement today!!



  • marilynnchadwick

    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for checking in! So glad we are teammates and can pray for each other. What’s your prayer trigger?

  • marilynnchadwick

    Anyone else want to share their prayer trigger and let us know how you chose it?

  • Annabelle Suddreth

    Hi Marilynn,
    Thanks for your words on “prayer triggers”. I have prayer triggers for many of my friends and I love the opportunity to pray for them! I’ve been asked by several of my friends what my prayer trigger is and I’m having a difficult time selecting one. Do you have any suggestions for helping me land on a prayer trigger?

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