Miracle!  The very idea of a miracle makes my heart beat fast.  Let’s look at Jesus’ first miracle.  You’d expect the event to be planned in advance and designed for  maximum impact—a chance to launch his “social platform.”

Instead, in the second chapter of John,  we see a somewhat reluctant savior nudged into the demonstration of power by His mother.  We can’t tell from the text whether Mary was discerning or just plain pushy.  We mothers can be like that. She alerts her son to the possible embarrassment to be faced by the wedding couple who was “just about out of wine.”  Jesus responds, “ Is that any of our business, Mother—yours or mine?  This isn’t my time.  Don’t push me.”  She went ahead anyway, telling the servants, “Whatever he tells you, do it” (John 2: 4,5 MSG).

No doubt, Mary has seen the mighty imprint of God on the life of her son since birth and knows he can handle this situation. Plus, she probably feels compassion for the bridegroom. Jewish weddings lasted for seven days….and one did not want to run out of wine.  Keeping a full supply for the guests was the bridegroom’s responsibility—and as a peasant farmer, this was a big expense for him.  It would be a huge embarrassment to run out of wine, and the bride’s parents could even sue the poor guy if he didn’t fulfill his end of the deal.

This story is significant on many levels.Some scholars even contrast the water of the law to the wine of Jesus’ grace.    But I love the  heart of our Lord as he does his first mighty act.  He helped a nervous groom save face, providing not only a miracle of wine, but the best wine.  And after Jesus’ miracle, the master of the banquet goes up to the baffled but probably delighted young man (verse 9), surprising him with words of praise.  I’ve chosen this verse as my watchword for today:

“A host always serves the best wine first,” he said. “Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now!”  John 2:10

This morning, I am praying for those on my Chubby Book list.  I am asking God to take care of their daily needs, and bring each of them joy like new wine at a wedding feast.

Are you going through a trying time in your own life? I remind you to watch for signs of God at work today. Don’t give up.  Listen to His voice, practice His Presence, and remember. You just may discover that the Lord has been saving the best wine in your life until last.

Why not share your “watchword” for the day?  Would also love to hear how you’re seeing God at work.

2 responses to “miracle!

  • hholton

    My watchword for the day was servant….

    It was the servants that got to witness Jesus’ first miracle, not the partygoers, not the guests of honor, but those humbly serving and working behind the scenes.

    It is a great reminder that we are also called to be servants… to the church, to the community, in all areas of life. When we put Christ and others first, we get to experience the miracles that we would often miss out on when we are too busy focusing on ourselves.

  • marilynnchadwick

    I’ve never even considered Jesus’ first miracle from the vantage point of the servants! And I’ve read this passage a ton…so thanks for opening my eyes to another beautiful aspect of this story!

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