one minute devotional

Got a minute?  Your minutes matter.  A minute is all it takes to read through my One Minute Devotionals.  Promise.  I hope you’ll join me as we journey through the book of James.  I’ll post some reflections each morning from this pithy epistle written by our Lord’s half-brother.

Why One Minute Devotionals?  These reflections are designed to help you meditate on a small portion of Scripture.  Meditation is like “filling your tank” with God’s Word.  Meditation also helps you  launch your prayers for the rest of the day.

Maybe you need  a “faith-fix” as you approach the holiday frenzy.  I know I do. The book of James, often called the “Proverbs” of the New Testament, is filled with practical wisdom.  It’s a great tool to help us stay focused on what really matters.  How can we keep the faith–and our cool–when the stress within and uncertainties around threaten to wreck our calm?

Together, let’s ponder what James has to teach us as we anticipate the birthday of Jesus. Hope you’ll feel inclined to share a POD (prayer on demand) in the comment section. I’d be honored to join the other readers in a prayer of “agreement”  for you. Remember, Jesus Himself told us that miracles can happen when two or more “agree” in prayer!

God has used the book of James to ignite a  number of “life-changing” moments for me over the years.  These five short chapters sure pack a wallop!  So…are you ready?  Tomorrow, we’ll begin our Journey through James.  Expect to be changed.  Remember, God’s Word never returns void.  Never leaves us empty-handed.  But remember.  Stay alert.  Watch for signs of God at work all around you.  God loves to surprise us with “Christmas miracles!”

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