Day Twelve: Nothing is Impossible with God

Some of you may have received Day Twelve a day early by mistake. Here is the “real” Day Twelve of our 21 Day Fast. So sorry for the confusion.  

I’m glad you’ve made it past the half way mark in our 21 Day Fast for Pastor Saeed.  Good for you!  Let’s continue to believe for a breakthrough for Saeed!  I’ve been so encouraged by Naghmeh Abedini’s perseverance throughout her two year ordeal.

When you’re in your own “waiting room” of faith, it helps to draw inspiration from others who have stood firm in hard places.  I think you’ll be inspired by another example of perseverance by my friend, Kris.  She shares her nearly two-decade “fight of faith” for the  life of her son,  diagnosed as an infant with leukemia.

GUEST BLOG: By Kris McBride

Growing up in church I had always heard, “Nothing is impossible with God.”   As I grew in my faith, I began to grasp the magnitude of these words.  Little did I know that after our son Andrew was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia as a nine month old,  I would eventually see the truth and power of this Scripture.

It was a week after our son’s bone marrow transplant, and he developed a strange rash. At this point he had no immune system so everyone was trying to determine what it was so treatment could begin. Within hours he began to run a low-grade fever , which was extremely serious. As I rocked him, I prayed that the Lord would protect and heal him.

Suddenly, it was a though someone turned on a stove in his little body and heat began radiating out of him. His temperature began a steady climb. I called for my husband to get the nurses but all the alarms started going off. In a matter of minutes his temperature went from 101 to over 106. I knew he was dying.

As they worked on him in my arms I remember praying Luke 1:37  “Nothing is impossible with God.” I prayed in the name of Jesus that Andrew would be healed. As I kept repeating the verse over and over again I also felt led to pray, “Lord, I know you can save Andrew, but even if you don’t may you give us grace and mercy to praise You anyway.” As quickly as his temperature began to climb it dropped and leveled out around 100. To everyone’s amazement, Andrew stabilized and was not moved to ICU. The doctors where perplexed and could not understand what happened. We told them, “Nothing is impossible with God.”

We were so grateful for God’s grace.  But that was not the end of the journey. A year and a half later Andrew had a toxicity to a medication and went into shock and suffered brain damage. Once again we prayed for healing.  Then, a few months later, his graft vs. host disease became so severe he could hardly move because his skin was so tight. He began extensive physical therapy and we prayed for healing. After almost of year he regained almost 90% of his mobility and we were thankful.

A year after that episode,  his blood pressure began to increase and every two weeks we were either increasing one of his medications or adding a new one. By the time he stabilized, he was on sixteen medications–six were for blood pressure.  They gave Andrew less than two years to live. We prayed like crazy for healing.  Six months later he was put on a medication that began to heal him. We prayed for complete healing for the next twelve years.

When Andrew was eighteen years old,  he was finally taken off his last medication. Although it took many, many years, the Lord healed Andrew completely. Today he is a twenty one year old junior at Liberty University and in good health.  Andrew’s story is an example of how sometimes God’s healing is not instantaneous but happens over a long period time. We are so thankful there is healing power in the name of Jesus.

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