Day Thirteen: Let My People Go!

President Obama just announced Thursday that he plans to visit Boise Idaho next week as one of his stops on a national tour.  Boise just happens to be Naghmeh Abedini’s hometown. The President will speak at Boise State University Wednesday night on topics related to his State of the Union address. No one knows exactly why Boise is on the President’s schedule.  Perhaps it’s because Idaho has the largest percentage of unlawful immigrants in our country.  Others think it’s because of lobby efforts by conservationists in Iowa.

Naghmeh believes this is a breakthrough in response to the 21 Day Fast for Saeed.  So do I.  Naghmeh has somehow managed to secure tickets to the event.  In preparation, she plans to fast from all food for the next three days.

Friends, let’s press in with concentrated prayers for Naghmeh and Saeed!  Let’s agree that the door would miraculously open for her to speak personally with the President.  And let’s be bold in our prayers for Saeed’s release. It’s time for this man to come home to his family!

This morning,  as I reflected on Naghmeh’s post from yesterday, I sensed that her urgency is from the Lord.  Ask the Holy Spirit to empower your prayers as you read the following excerpt from Naghmeh:

Afterward Moses and Aaron went in and told Pharaoh, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘LET MY PEOPLE GO, that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness'” (Exodus 5:1).

“When I pray,  Naghmeh writes,  “I usually take my request before the Lord and gently ask Him if He would grant my request. Over the last two weeks I have focused on repentance, letting go, and pressing deeper into Christ. I have never been the one to demand or command in my prayers.
But the last few days as I have been praying, I have felt the Lord say it’s time. He has lead me to this passage of Moses of commanding the release of people of Israel who were in bondage…LET MY PEOPLE GO!” Please join me today in commanding the freedom of Saeed (over the darkness and principalities that are over that area) and believing God for a miracle!”

3 responses to “Day Thirteen: Let My People Go!

  • Janet

    i pray the Spirit will take captive her thoughts and her emotions that she, when she gets to talk to the president the Holy Spirit will take over and the words she speaks will not be hers but God our Lord will speak. I pray that a “mistake” will happen for Saeed as it did for Corrie ten Boom decades ago and suddenly “mysteriously” the gate of the prison camp was opened and she walked out a free woman. Her story brings much courage to anyone wrongly held.

  • marilynnchadwick

    Hi Janet, I agree with you in that fervent and very specific prayer! What a great idea to pray for a “mistake” like Corrie ten Boom experienced. Hope that all of you reading this idea will pray a unified prayer with us!
    Together, Marilynn

  • marilynnchadwick

    Hey everyone. In my first post, I mentioned that Idaho had the highest percentage of immigrants in the nation. Of course I meant to say undocumented immigrants. You probably figured that out! Anyway, let’s keep up the relentless prayers! Marilynn

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