Day Eleven: Donna’s Miracle

Sometimes God speaks to us in His “outside” voice and shows up big with a miracle.  While we are cautioned against demanding such signs and wonders, it’s clear. Miracles leave us forever changed.  Our view of God is dramatically enlarged.  My friend Donna was eyewitness to a true miracle. Her story leaves me a bit breathless, and thankful that she’s alive to tell the story.

GUEST BLOG:  By Donna Elyea

When I was in my mid-thirties, I prayed an audacious prayer.  I asked the Lord to allow me to see, first-hand, a miracle during my lifetime. I believed He is a God of miracles but I wanted to know that I know what I know, so to speak. I say this was audacious because I should have recognized by then that having four healthy children after three miscarriages and a diagnosis of infertility was miracle enough.  Four miracles, in fact.

But I did dare to ask.  Several years later, an extended family member was accidentally shot in the face at close range and lived! I knew I had seen my miracle because the bullet entered and lodged in just such a way that, though hearing was lost in one ear, there was no trauma to the brain, vision, or any other long-term injury! The doctor all but called it a miracle.  I am certain that it was and just knew that I had witnessed, personally, the miracle for which I had asked.

Never did I dream that I would be the one in whom God would work out a miracle for others to witness. Almost three years ago, without warning, or any prior known risk, I collapsed in Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA.) We now know this was due to an electrical issue within my heart causing a sudden, extremely rapid heart rate which made my heart stop beating– no pulse, no breathing, no life.

Fortunately, my family was close by and my husband, Chuck, began CPR. Without immediate intervention I would have certainly died. Medics were called and my heart was restarted before I was transported to the hospital and again on the way. I had been without much oxygen for enough time to cause long-term brain damage. Once I was somewhat stable and in a medically-induced coma, my husband was told that if I survived he should expect minor brain impairment at best.

So many people were praying for me and for my sweet family at that time. I am alive today and my brain, apparently, is 100% normal, except for some short-term memory loss surrounding the actual cardiac event. I am so thankful for the gift of more time here with those I love and give God all the glory for His miraculous healing of me. Truly He is in the business of present-day miracles!

Thank you Lord that you are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You continue to do mighty works; may your receive all honor and glory for the great things you have done.

Living Expectantly,


One response to “Day Eleven: Donna’s Miracle

  • Leta Floqers

    Donna- thanks for sharing your story- it was a joy for all of us to experience God’s answer to prayer!

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