30 Days of Thankful: Day 12

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful (Colossians 4:2).

I’d like to become more thankful for the small things in life. Easy to say–harder to do. That’s why I’ve focused on everyday blessings during our 30 Days of Thankful.

It’s easy to blow right past the blessings God sends each day.  We move so fast. Who has time to drink in the magic of the blue October sky?  And when was the last time you took an extra minute to look into the eyes of your husband, or children, or friends?

Get creative.  Find ways to focus on being thankful. Here are a few practice tips:

On your drive to school or work (or wherever it is that you go each day), find the most scenic route. Refresh your soul with a glimpse of beauty. I choose to travel up a tree lined hill in our neighborhood and through back roads, whenever possible, instead of the getting on the main highway.  It only adds about three minutes to my trip–tops.

Enjoy little breaks throughout the day.  We’re supposed to get ten minutes of sunshine (without sunscreen) every day to keep up our vitamin D supply.  Why not pick a pretty spot?  Take a book.  Or go for a walk.  Maybe you’ll end up spending more than 10 minutes outdoors.

Have a definite “quitting time” each day.  I was always a big fan of early bedtimes when the kids were small. Make a date to watch Netflix or something fun with your spouse or a friend.  Stop the work and savor some down time.  Remember, rest is God’s idea.

Stop multi-tasking for just one day.  A friend of mine once saw a counselor for a year.  One of her best pieces of advice to my busy friend? Focus on each person or task with your whole attention.   Research shows that the value  of multi-tasking is an illusion–it’s far less efficient than we think.

Keep a thank-you book.  List a few blessings at the end of each day.  Better yet, be watching for special moments and thank God throughout the day when they happen.  How many little blessings do you miss because you are sleep walking, or worse, racing through life?


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