The Lost Art of Honor

“I don’t enjoy going to lunch with my work friends anymore,”” my young friend confided over coffee. “The conversation always turns into husband bashing.” Her own marriage wasn’t perfect, she admitted. “I’m a very transparent person,” she smiled. “So I try to be real.  But I don’t want to dishonor my husband.  And I want my friends to know I truly love being married to him.”

As we talked, she came to the conclusion that it was okay for her be honest with her friends about some of her own marriage struggles.  She could share a few of the positive ways she and her husband have discovered to work through their issues. But she resolved to do this in a manner that would honor both Christ and her husband.

I loved my friend’s heart for her husband and for the Lord.  Knowing her as I do, she’ll be a winsome witness to her friends about what it means to have a godly marriage. And more importantly, what it means to follow Christ.

That conversation was just one of many I had with women of all ages and stages of life while writing a book on the subject of honor.*  I yearn to help wives reclaim the lost art of honoring their husbands.

 Perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at this age-old virtue. We can start by honoring God. “Those who honor me, I will honor” (1 Samuel 2:30).  Then, let’s explore practical ways to honor our husbands.  Remember, the world is watching us.  And deep down, I believe they’re thirsty for honor—especially honor in marriage.

*adapted from Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Husband.

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