Pray Like You Mean It

If you were to ask me what’s the single most important thing you can do to honor your husband, I would simply say:  Pray for him.  Pray like you mean it.  Pray like you believe God works through your prayers.  And make prayer for your husband a priority.

I have seen many wives’ prayers encourage husbands who are already following Jesus.  And I have seen prayer soften the hearts of men who have rejected God.  I am mystified as to why prayer works when words fall short. I just know it does.

My dear friend whom I will call Janet prayed for years for her husband to accept Christ. He continued to resist the gospel.  My friend was wise.  She refused to nag.  But she did set aside 15 minutes to pray for her husband every morning.

I don’t know how long Janet prayed for him.  But, some years later, I watched in amazement as her husband walked forward to accept Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade in our city. During the invitation, I happened to glance to my right. I was startled to see this man who had stiff-armed God for so long! There he was, wife by his side, resolutely heading to the front of the arena where he gave his life to Jesus Christ once and for all.

The ripple effect of that one influential man’s devotion to Christ was powerful.  The impact he had on his family and community is evident to this day. All because of the quiet witness and faithful prayers of a strong wife.  Like my husband always says, “If you don’t love Jesus and you have a praying wife or a praying mother, look out—you’re toast!”

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