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Getting Unstuck

Do you have a problem that just won’t budge?  You feel stuck, no matter how much you pray and pray and pray. Perhaps you need a breakthrough. Originally a military term, breakthrough has come to mean sudden or dramatic success in an area where there has been repeated failure.  In short, a breakthrough gets you unstuck. 

Breakthroughs in the Bible often come after a period of fasting and prayer.  Jesus explained this to his disciples after their repeated failures to heal a  demon possessed boy.  “This kind,” Jesus pointed out, “only comes out by prayer and fasting.”  Daniel, Isaiah, and others discovered that fasting and prayer helped them get unstuck.

For the next 21 days, I’m joining  Naghmeh Abedini as she fasts and prays for a breakthrough for her husband Saeed. Will you join, too?  For over two years, Naghmeh and her children Rebekkah and Jacob have been stuck in the agony of missing Saeed.  Each day, they live with the  painful awareness of his suffering in an Iranian prison.  They desperately need to get unstuck.

It’s time for Pastor Saeed to be released from prison and returned to his family!

Beginning on Tuesday, January 6th, Naghmeh and others will follow the example in the Bible of Daniel (Daniel 10:3), who abstained from “rich food” as he prayed 21 days for a breakthrough.  Naghmeh is giving up coffee and chocolate.  I plan to go gluten free. Others are fasting from social media or television.  One friend intends to use this time to bridle her critical spirit and fast from judging others (ouch!).  Be creative and do what works for you.  Let your fast be a daily reminder to pray for Pastor Saeed.

While fasting and praying for Saeed,  I’m also devoting this 21 days to seeking breakthroughs in my own life.   I encourage you to do the same.  Make a list of three or four areas where you need to get unstuck.  I’ll post several blogs with helpful tips on prayer and fasting, along with stories from friends who have experienced some remarkable answers to prayer.

Breakthroughs require perseverance and strategy. Especially in the spiritual realm.  But remember, nothing is too hard for God.  He’s even referred to as the “Lord of the Breakthrough” (1 Chronicles 14:10).

Prayer: Lord of the Breakthrough, we thank you and praise you for your powerful Presence at work in the life of Pastor Saeed and his family, even while he has suffered in an Iranian prison.  Lord, we cry out for his soon release!  Amen.