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Mercy triumphs over judgement.  James 2:13

Mercy!  Our kids loved to wrestle with each other when they were little.  If things got out of hand, the one who felt overpowered  could cry,”Mercy!” Their signal of surrender. All tickling and roughhousing (at least in theory) was to cease.  Mercy calls out to the stronger to acknowledge the weaker one in their plight and show compassion.

Mercy is laced throughout the Bible.  It’s is at the heart of God’s motivation for our salvation.  Yet mercy is sometimes treated as a lesser virtue.  Mistaken for mere sentimentality or emotionalism, mercy is seen by some as weak.  James wants us to put mercy in its rightful place.  Mercy is worthy of our deepest respect, he argues.  It’s the social code by which believers are called to live.  Continue reading