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Mighty Man of Valor-Day 7

Have you ever felt “less than?” Maybe you don’t think you’re strong enough, smart enough, rich enough, thin enough. You fill in the blanks. If you’re feeling less than, you’re in good company. Because some of God’s mightiest men and women started their journey in weakness. But God’s power transformed them into world changers.

I’m glad you’ve jumped on board for 21 Days of Strength. I’ll say it again. God loves us when we are weak. But He delights in making us strong!

Let’s take a look at Gideon. He certainly felt less than. Gideon was youngest in a family that had issues. His nation Israel was surrounded by enemies on all sides. The people had done evil in the Lord’s eyes, so He handed them over to the Midianites for seven years. “But Israel grew weak and cried out to the Lord” (Judges 6:11 CEB).

So the Lord sent His angel to Gideon with this message: “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor” (Judges 6:12 ). To which Gideon said something like, “Who me? I’m just a nobody. I’m the youngest in my family. Our clan is the weakest in the whole tribe.”

“Mighty man of valor” was a term to describe warriors. Heroes. Champions. Not a guy who is the least in his family, from the lowest clan, in a beaten down nation.

But God must have seen something, because He said to Gideon, “You have strength, so go and rescue Israel from the power of Midian. Am I not personally sending you?” The Lord added, “Because I’m with you, you’ll defeat the Midianites as if they were just one person” (Judges 6:14-16 CEB).

And that’s just what happened—though not all at once.  First, God listened as Gideon poured out his doubts and fears. He walked Gideon through each anxiety. Then he asks Gideon to do some hard things. Brave actions that would save Israel; transform Gideon from less than to leader. Gideon became a new man in the process. A deeper man with strong faith. A man sold out to God. A mighty man of valor.

God sees within each of us the strength He has put there—even if we feel weak and broken. Even if our family or clan or nation are a mess. He loves us when we are weak. But he doesn’t want to leave us there. He delights in making us strong. We may feel exhausted, rejected, ignored empty, or afraid.  If so, His words to us are His words to Gideon. “Because I am with you, you will defeat your enemies.”

What are your enemies? Job loss, depression, marriage problems, a rebellious child, the inability to have a child, loneliness? Or maybe you struggle with inadequacy and fear like Gideon.  Perhaps God is whispering to you right at this moment: “The Lord is with you mighty warrior, man or woman of valor. And because I am with you, you will have strength to prevail!”