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Day Four: Let Go of Worry

This is Day Four of our 21 Day Watch.   Our faith grows as we become more alert to God’s presence.  One of the best laboratories of faith is learning how to trust God with our worries.  Not an easy task.  Especially when we’re worried about someone we love. My friend Leta has learned some practical and life changing tips in her war against worry.  I hope her wise words will help you gain victory  over anxious thoughts.

GUEST BLOG: By Leta Flowers

Have you ever been worried? I mean, REALLY worried? Think about a time when worry consumed you. Worry can turn to anxiety, which can even cause physical ailments. You feel all tied up inside. Worry can affect your stomach, your back, your neck, your sleep, your heart, and on and on. I read that the word “worry” comes from an Anglo- Saxon word meaning “to strangle or choke.” Makes sense.

 When my daughter was young, she developed asthma–the really scary kind of asthma where you can go quickly into a state of emergency.  I experienced a couple of trips to the emergency room, carrying her in with blue lips and unable to catch a breath.  So I developed an extreme case of worry that took my imagination to another level.

 When she was in gymnastics, I watched her. When she was on a trip with her school or with her softball or gymnastics team, I worried. Whenever I wasn’t with her, I worried. Would other people watch over her like I would? I took the reality of her illness past “what was” to “what if.”   What if she died? How could I survive? I became anxious and afraid. It was definitely unhealthy, and I knew it. Continue reading