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Day Ten: Don’t Travel Alone

We’re about half way through our 21 Day Watch.   So glad you’ve stuck with us this far!  I hope you are becoming more intentional about “keeping watch.”  A few of you have shared examples of how God has been showing up as you’ve been on the daily lookout.  It’s fun to compare notes and hear about your “God stories.”  Isn’t that exactly what Jesus intended?  Throughout His teaching, one thing remains clear.  He doesn’t want us to travel alone.  The Christian life is a team sport.  And while regular times of silence and solitude alone with the Lord are necessary,  we’re to “do life” with others.

I went on a run this morning with my buddy Susan.  It takes only half an hour, but we go very early and there are steep hills along the way so our trail is a bit grinding.  It’s a push for me, since I didn’t start out as a morning person.  But my running buddy, an early bird,  has helped me change that.  And honestly, I could never have developed this habit without her encouragement.

But it goes farther than just a pep talk.  Because running with my buddy actually feels physically easier than running alone.  Why is that?  As we were running up a long, steep hill this morning,  I was chatting away about something random.   I was finishing my story, and a bit out of breath, when it hit me.  I’m at the top of this hill, and I hardly noticed the climb.  When I do this hill alone, it feel brutal.  With with a friend, it was bearable.

I asked her if this was her experience.  She completely agreed, and added that she’d made the run alone last week at the same early hour, and realized that it was a bit darker than she had realized when we run together.  Even a little scary.  And much harder.

Dear friends, our Christian journey is not without its hills.  There are battles from without and within.  At times, we have to wrestle.  Against our own flesh, the world, and the devil.  It’s best not to try this alone.  Jesus knew that humans were created by God as “community” creatures.  We’re hard wired to depend on each other.  Teammates not only make our journey easier, they can help us avoid pitfalls along the way.  They help us to “watch” for God, and “watch out” for evil attacks. The Bible is clear that part of our job as Christians is to look out for each other.

You must warn each other every day, while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God (Hebrews 3:13). 

So as you are looking for ways to watch for God, and growing in your love for His Word and prayer, don’t forget to stick close to His people.  And don’t travel alone.


Week Four: Agree in Prayer

If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven (Matthew 18:19).  

I am fascinated by bottlenose dolphins.  These magnificent creatures can reason, solve problems, think abstractly, and even recognize themselves in a mirror!  They’re lightening-fast and fiercely powerful. Stories abound of dolphins protecting humans against sharks, repelling them with high-speed, battering ram-like blows.  My dad, a World War II submarine veteran, tells of long, hot tours in the South Pacific. The sailors hoped to see dolphins so they could dive off the sub for a refreshing swim–sure to be safe from sharks.  Sharks steer clear of dolphins for another reason.  They’re outnumbered.  Dolphins find strength by sticking together in groups or “pods.”  So what do dolphins have to do with prayer?  Like dolphins, our fellow believers can help us gain strength in prayer and defeat our spiritual enemies.  Continue reading