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21 Day Experiment-Day 16

Spirit. What comes to mind when you hear the word spirit? There’s a lot of talk these days about what it means to be “spiritual.”   And some confusion about the Holy Spirit—the One Jesus calls the “Spirit of truth.”

For starters, the Holy Spirit is not an “it.” Or even a ghostlike vapor.  Jesus calls the Holy Spirit a He—a person. In John 16, we read about the Holy Spirit’s personality and His job description. I’m so glad you’re still with us for the 21 Day Experiment in Prayer. The Lord rewards us today with some special secrets that will strengthen both our walk and our prayer life.

Jesus, knowing the cross awaits Him, prepares His followers for the trying days ahead. They will face persecution, He warns them. But they will not be alone because the Holy Spirit will be with them. Jesus gives a wonderful glimpse into the person and work of this somewhat mysterious Spirit.

The Amplified Bible is one of my favorite study tools.  I appreciate the way its translators explain the finer nuances of the original languages. See if you can pick out the different roles the Holy Spirit plays in our Christian life. Click here to read the entire chapter in this version.

Jesus’ words are my watchword for the day: However, I am telling you nothing but the truth when I say it is profitable (good, expedient, advantageous) for you that I go away. Because if I do not go away, the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you [into close fellowship with you]; but if I go away, I will send Him to you [to be in close fellowship with you] (John 16:7 AMPC).

Comforter. Counselor. Helper. Advocate. Intercessor. Strengthener. Standby.  Jesus promised that it would be for our good that He would go to the Cross. Because only then would He be resurrected and send the Holy Spirit to be with us—to dwell in us—forever. Wow!

Today, as my “doer of the Word” focus, I think I’ll simply reflect on each word in Jesus’ job description for the Holy Spirit:








Prayer: Lord, thank you for the astounding gift Your Holy Spirit. Help me understand more fully what it means to have “close fellowship” with the Holy Spirit. To pray in the Spirit. To walk by the Spirit. Today, I especially ask for strength to abide in Your Holy Spirit.


21 Day Experiment-Day 8

Has anyone ever told you to “get real?”  Take off the mask. Let go of pretense. Be authentic.

Sadly, we live in an age where people will do almost anything to create a good image.  Much more time, attention, and money is spent on our outer self than on our inner soul. We end up comparing our insides with everyone’s outsides. It’s not surprising that research tells us the main emotion people experience when they get on social media is envy.

Jesus is all about the truth—authenticity over image.  In John Chapter 8, He shakes up the religious leaders by claiming He has been sent by God.  But many Jews put their faith in Him (John 8:30). To those who believed, He made this promise:

If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:31,32 ESV).

The Greek word for “truth” is aletheia.  It means “genuine, authentic, real.”  This Jesus-kind-of-truth is real. It sets us free. But the promise of freedom is conditional.

If I abide in His word, then I’m His disciple.  There’s a direct correlation between spending time in God’s Word and knowing the truth that sets me free.  In my busy, noisy world, I have to be intentional to abide in His word.

That’s why we’re doing the 21 Day Experiment. It helps us learn to abide. If you’re following along, that means you’re committing at least fifteen minutes a day to reading a chapter of John’s Gospel. Then a few minutes praying for specific needs that are on your heart.

I encourage you to stick with this experiment until the very end. Don’t evaluate whether it works until the END of the 21 days. You can even say to yourself, “Well, nothing seems to be happening today, but I’ll postpone judging its impact until after 21 days.”

Over the years, I’ve had friends tell me that they’re glad they stuck it out—sometimes God’s message for them came on the 21st day.

Being a doer of God’s Word sometimes means that we simply abide. The purpose of abiding is for Jesus to become more real. For His Word to come alive. And to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit within.

Prayer: Lord, thanks for the reminder in John 8 that it’s all about my relationship with you. Everything—even answers to prayer—come out of abiding in You. That’s the real secret to freedom. I pray for that same freedom today for those I love.


Don’t be deceived…every good and perfect gift is from above... (James 1:16,17).

Deceived! Have you ever trusted someone only to learn you had been deceived?  Deception is as old as….well, as time itself.  A deceiver works his magic by flashing one set of motives, while armed with another. Deceivers are cunning.  Their tricks work for a reason.  No wonder James warns us about deception in Chapter 1. But in order for deception to work, we have to believe the deceiver’s lie.  Take the Garden of Eden for example. Continue reading


Blind! The man had been born blind. Imagine.  He had never seen daylight, his own hands, or his parents’ faces.  We can tell from the account in today’s reading of John 9 (in our 21-Day Experiment ) that the man had never even heard of Jesus.  And yet, he would soon experience a dramatic healing encounter with this controversial Rabbi. Continue reading


Real! How often have you heard the challenge to “get real”?  Take off the mask, let go of pretense, be authentic. We live in an age where people will do almost anything to create a good image.  Way more  time, attention, and money is put on the outer self than the inner soul. Continue reading