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one minute devotional

Got a minute?  Your minutes matter.  A minute is all it takes to read through my One Minute Devotionals.  Promise.  I hope you’ll join me as we journey through the book of James.  I’ll post some reflections each morning from this pithy epistle written by our Lord’s half-brother.

Why One Minute Devotionals?  These reflections are designed to help you meditate on a small portion of Scripture.  Meditation is like “filling your tank” with God’s Word.  Meditation also helps you  launch your prayers for the rest of the day. Continue reading


Voice! Consider the miracle of speech.  Our voice sets us apart from the animals. It allows us to communicate with each other.  It connects us to God. A voice is a powerful tool for good or for evil.  As we do our daily reading in John’s Gospel, we’re training ourselves to hear God’s voiceContinue reading