women under construction

Women Under Construction has been a part of Forest Hill Church for 25 years.  Twice each year the women of Forest Hill gather and bring friends, co-workers and neighbors to hear a message from Marilynn and a special guest of her choice about a topic that’s relevant to women today.

Each fall this program includes the “Dollars for Dreams Marketplace” where guests can shop for jewelry, handbags, shoes, coffee and more with all proceeds going towards the empowerment of women and children around the world.

At one of our Women Under Construction events,  you may remember the “Selfer’s Prayer” from Marilynn’s guest Michele Dudley.  Click HERE to download a copy of that prayer.

Women Under Construction also has a place for women to interact and share reflections, questions and prayer requests with one another about what they are learning as “women under construction.”  To join the conversation on Facebook, click here

Forest Hill Church is a non-denominational, multi-campus church emphasizing spiritual transformation and service to the least and lost in our neighborhoods and around the world. The mission of Forest Hill Church is to glorify God by making disciples who know Christ, grow in Christ and go for Christ.  To learn more visit www.ForestHill.org.

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