break my heart for what breaks Yours

Does prayer make a difference?  Is it possible or even practical to “pray without ceasing” in such a busy, noisy world?  Prayer is more organic than most people think. Raw honesty with God, combined with a surrendered heart, invites Him into our real-life situations.  When I remind God that I’m available to pray for His world, I find I become more alert to what’s happening beyond my own walls.  Maybe I read about a terrorist attack in India or the persecution of believers in China. An Internet article about human suffering in the Sudan catches my eye, so I pray briefly.  I remain alert to further mention of the need, and find I’m reminded to pray—quietly, simply, again and again.

If you ask God to “break your heart for the things that break His,” I feel sure you will see your prayer life take flight.  That’s the subject of my book, Sometimes He Whispers, Sometimes He Roars:  Learning to Hear the Voice of God.  It’s the story of how my day-to-day living took on new vibrancy as watchful prayer made me more attuned to the human suffering along my path.

I would strike up a conversation with a young mother in the grocery store only to find she was a victim of domestic violence.  Once, while on a layover in the Phoenix airport, I sat next to a nervous young soldier named Jesse who was headed for Alaska, and then on to Afghanistan. I promised him I’d pray for him.  Now “Soldier Jesse” has a spot on my  Chubby Book prayer list. Was I seeing the world through new eyes?

Along the course of my journey, I saw amazing answers to prayer both in my own little world and God’s larger world.  My prayer journey took me to places within my own community I never knew existed.  I eventually ended up in the offices of two African Presidents for whom I had prayed.  Is your prayer life a “so what?” or a “SO THAT!”   I pray “so that” I will be available to do God’s will.  Dare to pray this dangerous prayer: “Break my heart, God, for what breaks Yours,” and watch what happens. You might discover that you become the answer to someone else’s prayer!

7 responses to “break my heart for what breaks Yours

  • Heather Bleier

    I think of the Big Daddy Weave song called “Love Come To Life” every time I think of your “dangerous” prayer =D.

  • Thais Vinholo

    To be quite honest even when going through your book I was somewhat skeptical that simple and quick prayers would make a difference on other nations. Not that I don’t believe on the impact of your prayers or on the power of our God, but I was hesitant. Still, I decided to try it out. I also asked God to give me a country to pray for. One day when I opened my internet browser there was the cover of a Time magazine written “Syria”. Since then I started praying – every day at midday for one minute each time. My prayer was that God would do his work on that country and bless His people, and on top of that I asked God to direct me on what I should pray about. Weeks went by as I would pray (for exactly one minute) with a very broad prayer. Until I received an email from Doctors without Borders talking about Syria and current struggles!!!!!! What are the chances? Amazing! I can now be more specific, which brings some kind of intimacy. Now I am asking for a name! 😀 Just like you had your Sam! 🙂 Thank you for your book – it has had a huge impact in my life. Through it I’ve learned that the “bible is not a story of great people, but of ordinary people that serve a great God” hence I should rejoice because although I am little I am serving a GREAT and AMAZING God that I can actually have a relationship with!

  • wendy blight

    Oh, I just love this Marilynn. I can hear your sweet voice speaking these words as I read them. Praying many of us will take your words to heart and open our eyes TODAY and join God in His world to pray for what breaks His heart.

    Love you,


  • marilynnchadwick

    Hi Heather, So cool that you would send me that link, because I heard the song a few days ago while driving and thought…”I’ve got to find that song again.” Of course, I forgot, but God didn’t. Thanks for sending this my way!

  • marilynnchadwick

    Thais, I love your story about finding Syria as your country to pray for. No doubt this is the beginning of a prayer adventure. Let me know how God makes this nation and her people come alive for you as you keep praying!

  • marilynnchadwick

    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for your heart of prayer….and for your encouragement along the way. So glad we are team mates in God’s service.

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