Words! Talk is cheap, I’ve heard it said. But words are the mysterious raw material of  God’s creative activity.  I have always loved words.  I’m intrigued by their power both for good and evil.

In our 21-Day Experiment in Prayer, John 4 brings us to Jesus’ second miracle.  This time, a little more is at stake than a bridegroom running out of wine at his wedding party.  A royal official’s son was sick and close to death (John 4:46-54).

He swallows any pride that went with his title and literally begs Jesus to come with him to heal his son.  “You may go,” Jesus tells him.  “Your son will live.”  Jesus tells him to go home alone–without Him.   I can only imagine the leap of faith it took for the dad to return home with only Jesus’ promise but not His actual presence.

I like the man’s response, my watchword for today: The man took Jesus at His word and departed (John 4:50).

 The phrase “took him at his word” comes from the word pisteuo, which means “to trust” or “to entrust.”  I seem to be bumping into this trust theme a lot lately.  While the man was still on the way home, his servants met him with the news that the boy was alive!  What’s more, he got better at the precise time Jesus said he would live.

Has Jesus spoken a promise to your heart lately? Does it require great faith to simply take Him at His Word and walk away?   I pray that we have the confidence to trust Jesus enough today to turn our back on the problem and keep our eyes on His Promise.

Let us know if God put a “watchword” on your heart today.

Please share your comments below.

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