Day Nineteen: Finish Strong

It’s Day Nineteen of our 21 Day Fast for Pastor Saeed.  So glad you’ve stayed with us for the  final lap!  Lots has happened during our time of fasting and prayer. Naghmeh calls her unexpected meeting with President Obama a “miracle.” I agree and rejoice with her.  Now we need another miracle to bring Saeed home!  Many of you are fervently praying that our President will not be able to forget their faces, nor rest until he brings Saeed back to his family.

Some of you have shared your own stories of how this 21 Day Fast has opened doors and given you fresh perspective into your problem areas.  Now it’s important to remain alert and watchful to guard the ground we’ve gained.  The enemy is always looking for a breech in our wall.  No wonder we bump into trouble at times.

It’s not like Jesus didn’t warn us.  “In this world you will have trouble,  but take heart,” He reminds us.  “I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).   Friends, we need to stay connected to Jesus if we hope to stand our ground when trouble hits.

To stand one’s ground is to endure .  The word endure comes from two words:  hypo or “under”, and meno, “to remain.”   Meno is the same word Jesus uses when He tells us to abide in him (John 15:7).  So to endure is to “remain under”  a painful  trial with grace.   It’s bearing up under a load of trouble with a peaceful mind.

Let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen Naghmeh and Pastor Saeed so they can continue to stand their ground.  To abide in Jesus daily.  To endure until he is released.

That’s also my prayer for all of us during these last three days of our fast.  May we be strengthened to stand our ground,.  We can’t endure apart from Jesus, so we must abide in Him daily.  Rely on the Holy Spirit. Stay filled up with God’s Word.

And remember: If we abide when it’s light,  we’ll be able to endure in the dark.  



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