Doing Hard Things-Day 5

Welcome to 21 Days of Strength.  Let’s continue to explore practical ways to grow strong in the Lord. We saw how King David strengthened himself in the Lord after a devastating attack by the Amalekites. David first got alone and “strengthened himself in the Lord.  He sought God’s wisdom.  Then he courageously obeyed God’s instructions.

The brave warrior gathered his men and set out to attack the Amalekites–with God’s assurance of victory.  And sure enough, David brought back all the women and children that had been captured, as well as all the property.  He had experienced God’s power in battle before, so he was certain God could be trusted again. Click here to read how David’s obedience resulted in a thrilling victory.

In both Hebrew and Greek, the original Bible languages, the words for listen and obey are virtually the same. So hearing God implies that I will obey His marching orders.  If I want to grow strong in the Lord, it’s vital that I learn to both hear and obey.

But sometimes, God asks us to do hard things. What about you? Do you change your life to conform to God’s  Word?  Or do you look the other way–as I’ve been known to do.  Especially when He asks me to do something that calls for courage and self-sacrifice. Or prompts me to forgive someone who has hurt me.  Or give up my rights. Ouch!

Remember, we have an advantage over David when it comes to hearing God. For one thing, as believers in Christ, we have the gift of His Holy Spirit who dwells in us.  So we have access to God’s voice in a much more intimate way.  And second, we have the entire Bible available to us. Imagine how David would have felt if he had the whole Bible in his hands—complete with his own book of Psalms!

We must give God time to speak to us. A few minutes each day to read and reflect on God’s promises–letting them sink down deep–are nourishment to our soul.  God’s Word sharpens our inner hearing of God’s voice.   Jesus said believers will recognize His voice. “My sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me” (John 10:27).

Has God ever asked you to do a hard thing? Did you say yes? How did obedience to God’s Word help you grow stronger? Perhaps He is asking you to do a hard thing today.

Please share your comments below.

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