What is a Woman of Valor?

Who can find a woman of valor? (Proverbs 31:10 Orthodox Jewish Bible)

I believe most women, deep down inside, long to be world-changers. Most of us can point to strong women who shaped our life and left their imprint on our character, our hopes, and our dreams.

The Bible has a beautiful term to describe this kind of woman. She’s called a “woman of valor.”  She is a nurturer. But she’s also a warrior. A “fighter” at heart. She fights not only for her personal world and those she loves, but also for the world around her.  I was surprised to learn that in Hebrew, the famed Proverbs 31 “virtuous woman” is better translated “woman of valor” I quickly became captivated by this strong depiction of biblical womanhood.

That’s why I wrote Woman of Valor.  I just had to tell the stories of strong and courageous women I’ve met in nearly forty years of marriage, mothering, and ministry. There’s  Anya (not her real name) who was raised as a member of the untouchable caste in India. Anya was set free by the life giving news of the gospel.  She eventually went to college and even earned her PhD.  Anya now works with Mission India bringing hope to other women. Or Barbara, who started a vibrant church in the very neighborhood where her husband had been killed in a drive-by shooting.

My African friends truly understand the woman of valor. They have a beautiful way of referring to all women as “mothers” whether they have children or not—married or single. They believe mothers can change the world. Thus, they believe “to educate a girl is to educate a nation.”

Over the next several weeks, I’ll share stories and teachings from the newly released Woman of Valor.  I’ll introduce you to some of my heroes. What are their secrets of strength and stories of joy? How are they making a difference in their homes, communities, and world?

Women today are losing wars we should be winning. Families are hurting. Children lack direction. Marriages have a 50% fail rate. Communities grow more fragile by the day. Our culture groans. Who is this woman of valor and what can we learn from her? Surely we’ve never needed her more than now.

5 responses to “What is a Woman of Valor?

  • Regina Henson

    I can hardly wait to read it! Marilyn, thank you for guiding women in our dairy lives.

  • wendy blight

    I had the privilege of reading Mariylnn’s book a few months ago. The pages are filled with stories of women in the Bible and real women who are strong and courageous, fighting for faith, family, and what they believe in. Marilynn also asks probing questions to stretch and challenge us to follow in their footsteps to become the next generation of women of valor. It’s a great book to read on your own or with your small group!



  • marilynnchadwick

    Wendy, thanks for your kind words about Woman of Valor. And for your endorsement. You of all women understand what it means to fight the fight of faith. And to fight for your family, and for the broken and hurting of this world. Such a privilege to be on the same team:)

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  • Marjorie Thomas

    Thank you sister Marilyn for your words of encouragement and strength I had read twise

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